About Us

Wagyu World

Wagyu Sekai” (meaning “Wagyu World” in Japanese) was established in 1993 in Puslinch, Ontario and pride ourselves with producing world class genetics and our most delicious 100 % Wagyu Beef known as “Kurozawagyu” (combination of our last name + Wagyu).

We followed our dreams to diversify our Holstein Operation to anticipate the first “Fullblood Wagyu” imports from Japan.  Being from Japanese descent and our love of cattle, it seemed a match made in heaven to produce “true” Wagyu outside of Japan.

Our Fullblood Wagyu were hand selected based on the physical conformation with a stronger emphasis placed on the strength of the maternal pedigree of each individual animal.

Our foundation Wagyu are direct offspring of famous Cow Families of the “Suzutani”, “Okutani”, “Rikitani”, “Kanetani”, “Okahana”, and “Kinu” bloodlines.  These families are well represented by the numerous breed leading sires and a true testament to the breeding ability of these families.

In our Fullblood Wagyu Genetic operation, we gauge our genetics by utilizing actual carcass data from our Wagyu and select only the top 10% for genetic sales.  We spent considerable time in Japan learning the pedigrees and breeding combinations and also gained insight from time spent with Kenichi Ono (the renowned Wagyu Specialist).

In our Fullblood Wagyu Beef operation, all our cattle are carefully raised from birth using special techniques learned at “Numata Chikusan” – while actually living on the farm feeding Wagyu Cattle in Hyogo Prefecture, famous for “Kobe Beef”.

All our Fullblood Wagyu destined for beef are allowed to reach maturity naturally (no growth hormones or implants are ever used) and to ensure the highest quality, we raise all our Wagyu in a stress free clean environment on a specially formulated diet produced on the farm.  To go along with our high quality feeds, pure clean water is a vital part of our program.

If your looking for top shelf genetics or our 100% Wagyu Beef, we take great pride and honor in what we offer. Semen is already available in Canada, USA, Australia, EU and South Africa!