Hirashigeharu (CAN)

Born on September 1, 2004 in Canada. From Hirashigetayasu (IMP JAP) and Suzuharu (CAN)

High Marbling + Balanced Meat Qualities

Hirashigeharu (CAN) was produced from the ideal mating of FB670 Hirashigetayasu (IMP JAP) to FB5769 – Suzuharu (CAN) – to increase size and daily gains from the sire side and the high marbling / large ribeye / balanced meat qualities of the Suzutani Cow Family on the bottom side.

His sire, “Hirashigetayasu (IMP JAP)” was born on December 27, 1989 in Kagoshima Prefecture. He was classified at Kurogen 86.0 and was officially proven in Japan before being exported – DG0.97 kg, BMS 2.4, and REA 45 cm2.

His paternal grandsire is, “Dai 20 Hirashige (JAP)” (BMS +3.6 and REA 44 cm2). “Dai 20 Hirashige (JAP)” is considered to be one of the greatest Wagyu sires from Japan. He was born on April 15, 1974 in Tottori Prefecture and was sired by “Kedaka”. “Hirashige” himself was a linebred animal having “Kedaka” – as both sire and maternal grand sire. He was privately purchased and proven in Kagoshima Prefecture and had an official proof of BMS +3.6, and REA 44 cm2. In 1983, “Hirashige” was classified Kurokou 84.7, the highest score in Japan at that time!! He lived a long productive life and finally passed away 19 years and 8 months after his birth.

His dam, “Suzuharu (CAN)” is a direct daughter of the famed “Suzutani (IMP JAP)” and sired by “Haruki 2 (IMP JAP)”. Making her a full sister to the famous FB2907 Shigeshigetani (USA) / Overflow Kaneyama (AUS) and 3/4 sisters to FB2501 Sanjirou (USA) / FB6156 Kanadagene 100 (CAN).