Okutani (IMP JAP)

Born on January 5, 1992 in Miyagi Prefecture. By Okushige (JAP) and “Fujitani (JAP)

Her Sire, “Okushige (JAP)” was proven by the Miyagi Prefectural Society along with two full brothers, “Namimune (JAP)” and “Shigemune (JAP)” all sons of Japanese legendary sire, “Shigeshigenami (JAP)”.

It is amazing to note that all three full brothers were all respectively Number One in Japan for BMS . “Namimune (IMP JAP)” in 1998 with a BMS +4.3 / REA of 55 cm2, “Okushige (IMP JAP)” in 1990 with a BMS 3.4 / REA 49 cm2, and “Shigemune (JAP)” in 1995 with a BMS of 3.6 / REA of 49 cm2.

Her Dam, “Fujitani (JAP)” was classified at Kurogen @ 80.7 and sired by the great “Kikutani (JAP)” – DG 0.79 kg, BMS +3.3, and REA of 46 cm2. Her Grand Dam, “Itofuji 9 (JAP)” was classified Kurogen @ 80.0 and was sired by none other than the great, “Dai 7 Itozakura (JAP)” – DG 1.02 kg, BMS +3.4, and REA of 44 cm2.

In the first volume of “Nihon Meigyu Hyaku”, written by renowned Wagyu specialist “Kenichi Ono”.  Only sires and cows that have impacted the breed are in this book include, “Kikutani (JAP)”, “Shigeshigenami (JAP)”, “Dai 7 Itozakura (JAP)” , “Monjiro (JAP)”, “Yasufuku (JAP)”, “Kitaguni 7-8 (JAP)”, “Kikutsuru (JAP)”, “Mitsufuku (JAP)”, Dai 20 Hirashige (JAP)” and “Tanifuku Doi (JAP)” are all detailed. It is interesting to note that “Michifuku (IMP JAP)” and “Haruki 2 (IMP JAP)” also make an appearance in this book.

“Okutani (IMP JAP)” died soon upon her arrival to the USA and few progeny are available from this line.

There are only two full sister females born from Okutani (IMP JAP), one is Fujiko (USA) whose cloning rights were sold in public auction in 2012 for the record price of $25,000.00.

We have a Haruki 2 (IMP JAP) daughter “Okuharu (CAN)” FB10981.

okutani Pedigree