Suzutani (IMP JAP)

Born on December 28, 1991 in Miyagi Prefecture. From Tanishige (JAP) and Suzunami (JAP)

Perhaps the most famous of all the Wagyu Cows to leave Japan.

Her Sire, “Tanishige (JAP)” was proven by Livestock Improvement Association of Japan(LIAJ) and his official proof done by the National Association of Registered Wagyu (NARW) was DG 0.92 kg, BMS 3.1, and Ribeye Area of 41 cm2.

“Tanishigeʼs (JAP)” maternal line has been well proven and has produced numerous sons in Japan. The most recent success being “Tsurumaru Doi (JAP)”.

Her Dam, “Suzunami (JAP)” was classified at the highest level of Kurokou @ 78.5 and sired by the great “Shigeshigenami” – DG 0.79 kg, BMS +3.3, and Ribeye Area of 46 cm2. The registration of “Kurokou” is a high performance registry, animals must meet a number of select criteria and must exhibit superior reproductive performance.

Her Grand Dam, “Suzuko (JAP)” was also classified Kurokou @ 78.5 and was sired by “Yasuchiyo Doi” – DG 0.78 kg, BMS +3.8, Ribeye Area of 46 cm2 (also the sire of the Grand Dam of “Tanishige (JAP)”).

“Suzutani (IMP JAP)” was a very prolific flush cow and produced many notable progeny including “Shigeshigetani (USA)”, “Sanjirou (USA)” and “Kanadagene 100D (CAN)”.

A very consistent line that combines great marbling, meat quality, size, and growth. Well deserved of their reputation.

We have her Haruki 2 (IMP JAP) daughter, “Suzuharu (CAN)” FB5769 and her Michifuku (IMP JAP) daughter “Suzumichi (CAN)” FB13047.

Suzutani Pedigree