WSI Shigeshigefuku M269

“Shigeshigefuku M269” has a pedigree containing the who’s who of the Wagyu breed.

He is the full sibling to the dam of “Shieshigefuku.” Genetic giants, “Shigeshigenami” x “Yasufuku J930” x “Monjirou” x “Dai 7 Itozakura” all back to the Suzutani maternal line. This is a bull that has the growth traits with high carcass quality. The sire of M269 needs very little introduction being “Itoshigenami”, one of the highest EBV sires for marbling.

He is the only “Shigeshigenami” son outside of Japan (who is featured on Kenichi Ono’s Top 100) and further being a linebred “Shigekanenami”. His dam, “Suzufujifuku” is sired by “World K’s Yasufuku Jr.”, a bull with high EBV’s for eye muscle and marbling. “Yasufuku Jr.” is a direct son of “Yasufuku J930” from a “Monjirou” dam. “Y Jr’s dam, “Kaneko 5” is a maternal sibling to main stream sires, “Kanetsuru” – PEDFQ5 and “Yasuakane” – PEDFAJ1682. “Yasufuku J930” and “Monjirou” are featured in Kenichi Ono’s Top 100. His dam, “Suzufuji” is sired by “Kenhanafuji”, a bull with high EBV’s for growth traits and semen regularly sells for over $1000 / dose.