WSI Umeraru

Siring very fancy calves & many show winners! (Hikari x Kaedemaru)

“Umemaru” was born on March 10 ,1997.


He was produced from the idea of concentrating the blood of FB424 – “Dai 10 Mitsumaru”.
His sire, FB2455 – “Hikari” was born on February 25, 1993 in Kumamoto Prefecture and was one of the three Red Wagyu Bulls exported by Mannet for Englewood Farms in 1994.

Breedplan shows that “Hikari” is a breed leading sire for 200 day weights, 400 day weights, and 600 day weights.

His dam, FB11873 – “Kaedemaru” was born on January 01, 1995 making her the first Fullblood Red Wagyu born outside of Japan.

“Kaedemaruʼs” sire, “Dai 10 Mitsumaru” was proven in Kumamoto and his proof consisted of 73 head, where 41.1% graded higher than BMS of 5, ranking him first in 1998. The average age of the animals in his proof were 22.9 months with an average daily gain of 1.00 kg.

By intensifying the bloodlines of “Dai 10 Mitsumaru”, the progeny from this sire have
been spectacular and physically appealing.

Only a limited amount of semen is available on this sire.