No Growth Hormone, No Animal by-Products, No Antibiotics and Source Verified.

All Kurozawagyu Beef animals are born and raised on our farm in a clean environment on a specially formulated diet all produced on the farm.

To go along with the high quality feeds, pure clean water is a must in our program.

All our animals are 100% Wagyu and are DNA verified and trace their lineage directly to the original imports from Japan.

To maximize the genetic potential of our Fullblood Wagyu Bloodlines, we raise all our animals in the traditional Japanese manner- feeding high quality grains over extended periods to enhance the marbling, tenderness and most importantly, the taste.

See here what Enroute magazine had to say about the quality of Wagyu meat.

As we control all aspects of the production – from conception to plate, an all natural feeding ration, superior animal husbandry and proper genetic selection are what make Kurozawagyu Beef the Wagyu of Wagyu.

You can try Kurozawagyu from these fine establishments:


Directly from us

at the Aberfoyle Famers Market – during the summer months or from the farm by appointment.