Wagyu Sekai Barn

Kurozawagyu Meat

Incredible marbling
“Wagyu Sekai Inc.” was established in 1992 in Puslinch, Ontario, prides themselves with producing the most delicious Wagyu Beef known as “Kurozawagyu”. We followed our dreams to diversify our world renowned Holstein Operation to anticipate the first “Fullblood Wagyu” (meaning 100% Wagyu Blooded Cattle) exports from Japan.


Daily gains & Balanced Meat Qualities
“Hirashigetayasu” to FB5769 - “Suzuharu” - to increase size and daily gains from the sire side and the high marbling / large ribeye / balanced meat qualities of the Suzutani Cow Family on the bottom side

Wagyu Sekai Royal Bloodlines Sale

Royal Bloodlines Sale Catalogue

On July 7th, 2023 we will sell 30 lots to celebrate each of the 30 years that we have had Wagyu cattle.

Wagyu Sekai 2023 - Royal Bloodlines Sale

Royal Bloodlines Sale 2023

Celebrating 30 Years of Wagyu Sekai – Join us July 7th, 2023 at Wagyu Sekai

Elite Wagyu Sale 2023

See our consignments to the 2023 Elite Wagyu Sale