Mitsutaka (IMP JAP)

By Mitsufuku (JAP) and Takami (JAP)

Born on August 22, 1996 in Hokkaido.

She was to be one of their foundation donors for the next generation of animals being produced in WKS Australia.

Mitsutaka (IMP JAP), is sired by Mitsufuku (JAP) who was proven by the LIAJ and is perhaps one of the most important
sires in Japan today. His official proof was 0.83 kg, BMS 3.3, and REA of 47 cm2. “Mitsufuku” is from a famous Tajima maternal line known as “Mitsufuku Sen”.

This maternal line reads as the “Whoʼs Who” of the Wagyu Breed and originates from the matriarch cow, “Mitsufuku”. This cow produced 15 natural calves in her lifetime. Famous sires, “Terunaga Doi”, “Fukutomi”, “Yasuyuki Doi”, “Mitsutaka”, “Terukami Doi”, “Kamifuku” and even “Terutani” originate from this maternal line.

Her Dam, “Takami” was classified Kurokou at 80.7 and is sired by Kedaka sire, “Kenryu” – DG 1.05 kg, BMS 2.7, and REA of 48 cm2.

Our daughter of Mitsutaka is sired by “Tanifuku Doi”. This sire hails from another famous Tajima maternal line known as “Kikutsuru Sen”. This maternal line, like the “Mitsufuku Sen” reads like the “Whoʼs Who” of the Wagyu Breed and originates from the foundation cow, “Kikutsuru”. This cow produced 16 natural calves during her lifetime.

Famous sires from this line include “Tanifuku Doi”, “Dai 2 Yasutsuru Doi”, “Kikuyasu”, “Fukutsuru”, “Tsurumitsu Doi”, “ETJ007”, “JVP Fukutsuru 068” and “TF146” all originate from this famous cow family.

The WKS Group has five sons of “Mitsutaka (IMP JAP) in their current bull battery in Australia. They are WKS Michitaka, WKS Michitaka 5, WKS Michitaka 7, WKS Jyukei 3, and WKSMichihiko. There are also another seven bulls at other Australian Studs who would be full brothers to the WKS bulls.

One bull, Goshu Yasukata (sired by Yasufuku Jr. (IMP JAP)) owned by AACO (Australian gricultural Company) has been given a BREEDPLAN marbling EBV of 0.9 and is the 6th highest sire for this IMF Marbling Score in Australia.

Mitsutaka (IMP JAP) has only two daughters in stud, one by the great Japanese legend “Tanifuku Doi (JAP)” and another by “Michifuku (IMP JAP)”.

We have her “Tanifuku Doi (JAP)” daughter, “Kotomichan (CAN)” FB5770.

Mitsutaka Pedigree