Suzumichi (CAN)

Born June 22, 1994 in Canada. From Michifuku (IMP JAP) and Suzutani (IMP JAP).

“Sired by FB1615 – “Michifuku (IMP JAP)”, a sire renowned for his great meat qualities as reflected in Breedplan. “Michifuku (IMP JAP)” is a son of the famous “Monjirou (JAP)”.

“Monjirou (JAP)” was born on March 15, 1981 in Hyogo Prefecture. He was sold as a young bull to “Livestock Improvement Association of Japan” for a price tag of $160,000.00. He produced over 400,000 units of semen over his lifetime and was used extensively with great results for F1 production. Now considered one of the top 10 Wagyu Sires in Japan.

“Monjirou (JAP) ” himself was awarded he best young bull in the Fukushima Zenkyo (the All Wagyu Show held ever four years). He has many progeny throughout Japan due to his fine fat development, high meat quality, and extremely balanced calves. With an official proof of DG 0.87 kg, BMS +3.3 and REA 44 cm2.

On the maternal side, “Suzumichiʼs (CAN)” dam was one of the “original three” – WKS girls and the first fullblood Wagyu heifers to ever leave Japan. The selection for the first three heifers to accompany both “Michifuku (IMP JAP)” and “Haruki 2 (IMP JAP)” were made to compliment each other, therefore no surprise that these animals were the best.

Her dam, “Suzutani (IMP JAP)”, is the most famous Wagyu Cow known outside of Japan.

Suzumichiʼs (CAN) is a full sister to two of the best Wagyu industry proven marbling sires, FB2501 – Sanjirou (USA) and FB6156 – Kanadagene 100 (CAN). They are regarded as the premier sons of highly regarded Michifuku (IMP JAP).

Suzumichi (CAN) is also 3/4 sister to highly regarded sires, FB2907 – Shigeshigetani (USA) and Overflow Kaneyama (AUS).

Most other bloodlines available from Suzutani (IMP JAP) are sired by Takazakura (IMP JAP), however when one compares the Breedplan EBV’s of Michifuku (IMP JAP) to Takazakura (IMP JAP), Michifuku (IMP JAP) is by far the superior sire.

Therefore the superior genetic bloodlines would be in animals sired by Michifuku (IMP JAP) as further proven by EBV’s for FB2501 Sanjirou and FB6156 Kanadagene 100 (CAN), who are both head and shoulders above the sires with the Takazakura (IMP JAP) x Suzutani (IMP JAP) matings.

Although Suzumichi (CAN) died before cloning was a common procedure, her legacy continues through her two daughters, WSI Michifuji (CAN) FB14180 and WSI Suzufuji (CAN) FB13048.

Suzumichi Pedigree