TF Kikufuku Doi 245

100% Tajima Blood • Kikufuku Doi & Kinuyasu Doi are full brothers.

“TF Kinuyasu Doi” and “TF Kikufuku Doi” are full brothers resulting from embryos that had long been forgotten.

Their sire “Kimifuku 3” is sired by the Tajima genetic giant “Tanifuku Doi” (listed in Kenichi Ono’s top 100) from the well known maternal line known as “Kikutsuru”.

The maternal side of “Kimifuku 3” is also of Tajima Royalty and well known as the “Mitsufuku”. “Kimifuku 3” is a combination of the most established Tajima lines, however extremely limited straws of semen were imported on this bull and direct progeny are rare. The dam, “Kinu 1” was an original import from Japan in 1995 and one of the very few 100% Tajima females to leave. She is sired by “Kikuyasu Doi”, a line known for good marbling, meat colour, body depth, body length and good maternal abilities.

The second dam, “Kinu” is from the Oku Doi line of Tajima. STRAIGHT UP TA JIMA.