WSI Kanadagene M256

“Combining the influence of Suzutani and Rikitani into one package!” 

“WSI Kanadagene M256” is sired by Suzutani’s best son, “Kanadagene 100”, a sire with a unique combination of high EBV’s for growth, eye muscle area and extreme carcass quality (high marbling / high marbling fineness). Genetics from “Kanadagene 100” are extremely rare and semen is even rarer. M256’s dam, “Rikiteru 2” is sired by “Kitateruyasu Doi”, a highly proven animal with ultra high marbling and marbling fineness. The second dam, “Rikiharu” has the distinction of being of the first Fullblood animal born outside of Japan and lived until 23 years of age. She is sired by well know growth sire, “World K’s Haruki 2” and a full sibling to “Kanadagene 101” and “Itoshigeteru 2.”

The third dam is none other than original import “World K’s Rikitani”, one of the very few 100% Tajima blood animals imported from Japan.

RIkitani has well known sons – “Longford Tojo”, “Longford Zaki”, “Longford Honjo” and “Overflow Katsumi” – (all sires with high EBV’s for marbling, marbling fineness and eye muscle area). Females from the Rikitani’s are extremely rare and the family members we have processed have been nothing short of exceptional.

If your looking for guaranteed high marbling / high marbling fineness, this is the bull.